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Equipping and modernization of production

Cord knitting machine CKM-2

It is intended

for production of the following types of cords: household, shoe, fishing.

Configuration of manufactured cords:

round, flat, with filler, with a braid from synthetic and natural fiber with a diameter from 2 to 11 mm.

The used raw materials:

synthetic threads: polyamide, polypropylene, polyester etc.; natural: cotton, linen.

Measuring-and-prepacking machine MPM

It is intended

for rewind and packing of rope and band production in hanks and pieces of various length.

The replaceable nozzle allows to reel up production on cardboard rectangular shapes.

Semi-automatic winding machine SWM

It is intended

for winding of thread on flanged bobbin.

Service equipment

for the cord knitting and lace knitting machines provides winding for the 5-10 knitting machines!

The design of the machine allows to use bobbins of various sizes.

Small bunching machine SBМ

It is intended

for formation of twines production in the form of a bunch on exit from the exhaust mechanism of the knitting machine.

It is designed:

for machines of the 115th class. It can be modified for other knitting equipment. It is equipped with the chain drive.

Medium bunching machine MBМ

It is intended

for formation of twines production in the form of a bunch on exit from the exhaust mechanism of the knitting machine.

It is designed:

for machines of the 160th class. It can be modified for other knitting equipment.


The high-quality equipment at the favorable price

Own production

Simplicity in operation and reliability checked in practice

We provide all range of services: service, training, spare parts, technical documentation

How we work

Terms of delivery


Deliveries are made under the contract. Flexible payment

Guarantee for the equipment is 1 year

Post-guarantee maintenance

Terms of production from 30 to 60 days


reliable packing

We pack the equipment completely and very reliably.

Installation and commissioning

at the request of the buyer.

Free shipping to the terminal

We deliver goods free of charge to the terminal of transport company.

Leave the number and we will tell you about everything in detail

Get advice

Answers to your questions

. Which mode of customer training do you provide?

We provide training as in a workplace and also the visit of our expert of your enterprise is possible. Training cost doesn't depend on it, but on our workplace we won't be able to accept more than two people.

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What is the guarantee for your equipment?

Warranty period for the equipment is 1 year. All additional conditions are disclosed in technical documentation.

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Which forms of payment are provided?

It is provided the payment without the VAT. Also various sizes of an advance payment from 30% to 70% are possible, it depends on the number of the acquired equipment; additional discounts are possible by 100% advance payment . More detailed information can be obtained at a conversation with our expert.

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How is carried out the delivery of the equipment?

Delivery is carried out in any way, convenient for the customer, delivery to the terminal of transport company is free.

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What includes the post-guarantee maintenance?

The post-guarantee maintenance includes: diagnostics of possible malfunctions, replacement and (or) delivery of spare parts, necessary repair of the equipment, retrofitting or re-equipment according to the needs of the user is possible.

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Do you have the additional discounts for the equipment?

Certainly. By acquisition of 3 and more machines, training is for free. Besides, depending on the volume of the order, type of payment, additional discounts are possible.

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Olga B. Safina

Equipment engineer

Artem L. Matviyenko

Production director

Oksana E. Peshkova





Participants of the «Inlegmash — 2017»

The company was founded beginning from the machine-assembling site of cords factory in Chelyabinsk.

Starting up, operation and service of own park of the equipment (knitting, braiding, doubling-and-twisting, rewinding, packing and auxiliary equipment) have demanded involvement of mechanics and experts.

We began gradually to finish and improve the equipment "as one sees feet" and to make separate details and units according to improvement suggestions from the staff of the company. It promoted decrease in expenses on service, increase in convenience and speed of work of operators and machines.

The equipment stock was expanded and the full-fledged site was formed for its service headed by the high quality engineer, with mechanics and technicians.